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About us

Our Company was started in 2005 as a hobby business. Today we Pepper Mills For Africa is South Africas largest supplier of Crushgrind mechanisms and have supplied thousands of happy homes with top quality hand made pepper mills. We have also trained many woodworkers on how to design and turn their own pepper mills.

Our dad (Piet Smith) was retired Banker with a passion for supplying the BEST Pepper/Salt and Spice grinding mechanisms for the African Continent. 

He started Pepper Mills For Africa in 2005 as a hobby. It then got out of hand! Today it is a delightfully hectic small business which gives us all great pleasure.....every day is Friday!!!...he used to say. 

Our dad passed away on 1 January 2021.


Piet and Charlie (factory foreman)

Charlie Letsoalo joined us in 2009. He was our gardener and our father asked him to help me with sanding. Our dad thought him the skills and today,  Charlie is a master craftsman teaching other the and transferring his skills.

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